The Business Excellence Lab (BEL) operates since 2003 in the department of Business Administration at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. It conducts a broad range of innovative research in the areas of quality management, operations management and operations research.


The lab’s mission is to contribute in organizational development research by advancing decision-making in a business environment. Therefore, the lab’s objectives are: facilitating research and teaching both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, collaborating with research centers and public bodies (nationally and internationally), organizing scientific meetings of any kind (workshops, seminars, conferences etc.), enabling academic mobility through exchange programs and engaging in proving high quality services to partners (private and public entities).


Research initiatives encompass faculty and doctoral student commitment in high standards study of various business areas such as operations, marketing and organizational development. Multifaceted research includes, indicatively, management issues relating to decision-making, supply chain, performance, quality, change and knowledge. Employing the available resources, lab members explore, speculate, explain, predict and/or evaluate business concepts, practices and theories.